Tuesday, August 12, 2014


All the preparation is completed and tomorrow is the day of departure. I have filled my bags to the absolute maximum!

During the last few days, I have tried to see as many of my friends of possible; friends that I will miss a lot! On Sunday, I invited a few friends over for pizza and we had a really great evening! We also managed to play some soccer the 10 of us.

           Here we are playing a game called Risk.

In the last few days, I have also visited my grandparents in Jönköping. I went there directly from work and stayed there one night. They had prepared a really great dinner. 

Later the same day, we went for a swim. It was quite cold, but grandma didn't mind as you can see.

                Saying goodbye to my lovely sister, Klara <3

Now, the final night in Sweden, I am staying at my cousins' in Uppsala and on the way here, I managed to see my two other grandparents, my little brother and my three other cousins. It was nice to see all of them one more time before I leave.

This is from today, when we went to a brilliant, Italian restaurant.

14 hours left in Sweden... The feelings are kind of mixed; sad because I have to leave so many great people, friends, family here in Sweden, but excited about everything that awaits in the states.  

My posts from now on will mainly consist of pictures, because I think that is the thing most people want to see and because I am probably going to be to busy to write a lot all the time.

I will keep you updated! You can expect some pictures from Boston!

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  1. Are you traveling to the US by boat?

    Boston pictures, we're still waiting... :-)